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In order to best reflect the needs of the correctional foodservice community, we have developed a line of 15 to 1 drink bases in both 4/1 Gallon and 5 Gallon Bag-In-Box containers.

Our product line includes both a color and a no-color variant. Our no-color line of syrups is a recent addition to our product line. The benefits of a no color product are that it will not stain floors, walls or institutional equipment, and eliminates an obvious hiding place for contraband.

In conjunction to our syrups, we have developed a specialized piece of equipment, for the correctional market that measures and dispenses syrup from a 5 Gallon Bag-In-Box. Our dispenser contains no moving parts. It does contain a water pressure regulator and a specialized bored out valve. This valve automatically measures syrup in a correct ratio, while the regulator maintains the water pressure and ensures an evenly dispensed product. If a facility encounters a drop in water pressure, the regulator will compensate for the reduced pressure and properly adjust the yield to a constant 15 to 1 mix ratio.

We unconditionally stand behind all of our products and equipment. When you use Fox syrups you are using 100+ years of dedicated service professionals.

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  • Bag-in-Box

    The Bag-in-Box is a unique design of box that has an integrated leak-proof bag and nozzle. These boxes are designed to dispense a variety of liquids, such as:

    • Syrup Concentrates
    • Milk
    • Wine
    • Fruit and Vegetable juice
    The Bag-in-Box system is ideally designed to conserve liquid and semi-liquid food or industrial products.
    The system is comprised of a flexible Mylar bag and an outer case made from corrugated board. The flexible bag is designed to fit inside the case.

    Bag-in-box packaging offers many benefits over traditional rigid containers such as bottles, cans, pails, drums, or tanks:
    • Lower cost versus rigid, reusable containers.
    • Disposable, so it eliminates cleaning and transportation costs associated with returnable packages.
    • Packaging material source reduction, typically requiring 50% of the weight of #10 can equivalents.
    • Collapsible, so empty bags take up less warehouse, truck and landfill space versus rigid containers.
    • Cleaner and safer to use because your product remains sealed inside until the bag is empty.
    • Protects your product better through the use of high-barrier materials.
    • Connects quickly and easily to a variety of dispensing systems.
    The use of bag-in-box packaging as a disposable alternative to five-gallon stainless steel canisters for post-mix soft drink fountain syrup emerged in the late 1970's. Major soft drink suppliers quickly saw the advantages of a single-use flexible bag versus traditional 5-gallon tanks. The first major application for these syrup bags was at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. Since then, the conversion from 5-gallon tanks to Bag-in-Box has spread to nearly every country where carbonated soft drinks are served.

  • The Beverage Cart

    This specially designed and manufactured correctional grade dispensing unit was developed and created especially by H. Fox & Co., Inc.. Together with input from our Correctional Coordinator, a member of ACFSA and an equipment design team, the cart was designed consider- ing maximum concern for safety and security. Under- standing that even the smallest part could cause major problems, no component was overlooked.

    All of the parts on the unit are riveted and/or welded into place with one exception. That exception is the main box which contains the water regulator and Venture valve. This box is secured to the cart by use of 4 security screws located on the inside of the box. In addition, there are 2 security screws on top of the box that keep it closed and restrict access to the inside of the unit. The security screws require a special tool to open them and, this is not supplied to the facility. A regular screwdriver will not open these screws. The handle on the box, that controls the flow of water, is welded on and not removable. This is the unit’s only moving part. The wheels are welded to the base of the cart and can not be removed. The bag supports are double welded to the frame of the unit. The frame of the unit is double welded, capped and riveted. Should the unit malfunction, it is to be returned to our facility and a replacement will be provided at no charge.

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  • 15 to 1 drink bases in both 4/1 Gallon and 5 Gallon Bag-In-Box.

    Our product line includes both a color and a no color variant. Our no color line of syrups is a recent addition to our line. By having full flavor but no color - any spilt syrup will not stain floors, walls or anything else in your institutions kitchen. An added benefit to our no color line is that a cooler of no color product makes for an impossible hiding place for contraband to leave the kitchen area, effectively removing one more security concern.

    Both our color and no color syrups contain 100% Vitamin C in each 8oz. drink, satisfying the USDA requirement for an entire days Vitamin C needs.

    Our 15 to 1 syrup line is Kosher which is strictly supervised to ensure only the highest quality product as well as satisfying kosher and muslim population.

  • Color vs Colorless

    The distinction between our color and no color (clear) products is solely in the use of coloring agents in the product. The ingredients, taste profile, nutrition and usage of the products is exactly the same.

    We offer two extra flavors (Orange and Sweet Tea) in the color product.

    The no color product is designed with safety and cleanliness in mind. If spills and neatness are a concern of a facility the no color product has an advantage. No coloring agent means no staining of floors if any product spills. Also to be noted is the added security of a no color product. When filling a Cambro it is impossible to hide contraband in a colorless product, making security checks much easier.

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