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Let the pleasant, aromatic flavor of this honey blend from H. Fox & Co. enliven your recipes with the smooth texture and syrupy sweetness of traditional honey. A smooth blend of natural honey and corn syrups, Fox’s honey blend is a delicious alternative to classic sweeteners. With over one hundred years of manufacturing chocolate and flavored syrups, this Brooklyn based company boasts a long legacy of producing iconic syrups with quality ingredients. Featuring a tried and true formula that has delighted American’s for decades, Fox’s syrups are sure to please. Drizzle over desserts, blend into batters, or dissolve a few drops of Fox’s honey blend into hot teas and spiced ciders.

Fox’s honey blend offers the classic flavor of honey with the low-cost benefits of a honey alternative. Featuring the same rich texture and dark golden color, this blend of sweet syrups is a delicious substitute for pure honey. Perfect for sweet and savory dishes, this honey blend will glaze meat and poultry dishes with a velvety smooth texture and delectable sweetness. Thicken toppings and dips with its sweet flavor and cascading consistency. This honey blend is the key to better tasting marinades and dressings; spreads and sauces. With endless options and a delicious flavor, Fox’s honey blend will go a long way in your kitchen. Sold (6) 5 lb. containers per case.

  • Syrup Specifications

    Total Solids:79 Percent Minimum
    Specific Gravity: "79 Degrees Brix (41.99
    Degrees Baume) Maximum"
    Ash: 0.1 Percent Maximum Color: Amber (Medium to High)
    Taste: Sweet
    Odor: Pleasant
    Flavor: Honey
    Sulfite as SO2:10PPM Maximum Weight per Gal: 11.71 lbs/Gallon Minimum

  • Ingredients

    Corn Syrup
    High Fructose Corn Syrup
    Imitation Flavor
    Caramel Color

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